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Simple to use, quick to learn. OMMPOS has the functions that you need to run your Cannabis business.


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Point of Sale

Easy to use Point of Sale. Make products available on the sales floor or keep in backstock. Set tiered priced and pre-programmed discounts. Use our built-in loyalty program to track points. Apply dicount permissions. Look up product by name, barcode, or menu. Easily print labels and receipts.

Inventory Tracking

Import products from Metrc or your old POS system. Easily add new products and categories. Set prices before or after tax. Automatically calculate tax at sales time. Host multiple tags under one product. Easily turn products on and off. Real-time reports on inventory levels.

Employee Management

Rapidly add and remove employees. Assign different levels of access to each emplyee. Assign a personal passcode to each employee. Track employee access and actions. Track employe clock-ins and clock-outs.

Barcode and Scanner

Print your own bardcodes. Use the bardcodes that are already on your product. Easily track barcodes and SKUS per package. Scan barcodes at sales time for greater accuracy.

Business Reports

Up-to-the-minute sales reports. Nightly closing reports. Monthly reports. Reports by products. Reports by vendor. Monthly compliance reports. Monthly tax reports. Quarterly tax reports. Free Headset IO integration for even greater reporting capabilities.

METRC Compliance

Report your daily sales to METRC with a button click. Import product data directly from METRC to reduce human error. Easily keep your inventory in sync with METRC. Use our METRC Sales Reconcilliation Tool to quickly correct any mistakes.

Printers and Hardware

OMMPOS is compatible with most industry hardware. If you already own pritners, scanners and cash drawers there is a good chance that our system will work with your current hardware. Use our Star Micronics Wireless Printing and Scanning for the best retail experience.

Websites and Plugins

Use our free plugin to show your dispensary menu on your current website or use our instant dispensary website if you would like us to manage it for you. Add online ordering for only $1 per order.

Multi-Store Support

We have built-in support for multi-franchise enterprises. Host multiple farms and retail stores under the same account. Create accounts to easily switch between locations. Easily track business reports from multiple locations. Rapidly file tax reports for multiple locations. Use the Private Cloud to sync data between locations on premises and in the cloud.